Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My "Color Story" Quest

To say that I'm indecisive when it comes to my own home decor would be the understatement of the century. I can easily make quick decisions about other people's homes or about my preference in home decor in general, but when it comes to my own home, forget it.

The only thing that I have consistently loved for my home is Schuamcher's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric in the aquamarine colorway. I know it has been overdone, but I don't care. I have loved it since my husband and I lived in a tiny apartment together in 2007. Heck, my husband even likes it and that within itself is a feat! Throughout the years he has said, "when are you going to use that dragon fabric in our house?" I chuckle every single time, it makes me happy that he likes dragons because it means that I get to work this beauty into my "color story."

Chiang Mai Dragon fabric, Schumacher Fabric

I want to take the time to explain what I mean when I say "color story." Over the years I have decided that I am drawn to homes that have a similar color story throughout the entire home. I'm not saying that each room has to have the exact same colors, but I definitely prefer it when they flow well between one another. I have been searching for a color scheme that I can work with throughout my own house and I am using Chiang Mai Dragon as my jumping off point. I'm probably drawn to it because it has every color under the sun in it and that means I can constantly change my mind, but hey, whatever works right?

Below are a few different options that I threw together to share my color story. I want to be completely upfront by saying that I do not intend to use most of the fabrics and definitely not all of the artwork, but I like the overall color and mood that the pieces have. These are just images that I have saved over the last few years of decor that inspired me and it still inspires me today.

The only difference here is the fabric used in the bathroom. Blue vs. Black 

Here are a couple of images of my entry. I added in the furniture and accessories to get a better idea of how all of the items could potentially work together. My Photoshop skills are very basic so you may need to use your imagination a little bit. Work with me here. :)

What are your thoughts on the overall color story? Do you think I can mix the black accents in my entry with the blue fabric in the bathroom? 

Come back to visit tomorrow for updates on my One Room Challenge.


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