Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Infamous Rocking Chair, Nursing Chair, Snuggle Chair, and Bedtime Story Chair

When it came time to pick out a chair for the nursery I knew exactly what I wanted. I have dreamed about snuggling up with my little one in an overstuffed comfortable chair for as long as I can remember. When I was pregnant I envisioned many hours being spent in that chair, rocking, nursing, and reading stories to the little baby growing inside of me.

I wanted a white (yep, I said WHITE) chair that was comfortable and I wanted it to have the ability to rock or glide. The Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Glider met all of my requirements and the first time I saw it I could already see myself snuggling with our baby in it that is, until I saw the price tag. $849? I just couldn't justify spending that on a chair for a nursery. Words like spit up, poop, milk, formula, and EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY NINE dollars just don’t mix.

PB Glider
Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Glider $849
I knew I had to find a cheaper version of this chair but let’s face it, furniture manufacturers totally exploit the fact that new parents are willing to spend some big bucks when it comes to their precious newborn and they price their furniture accordingly.

I already had two Ikea Jennylund chairs in our master bedroom sitting area and one day while I was cleaning up the room I noticed that the Jennylund chair bares a shocking resemblance to my dream PB Kids Comfort Glider.

ektorp-jennylund-chair Ikea
Ikea Ektorp Jennylund Chair $199
The price was a fourth of my dream chair, it had a removable (WASHABLE) slipcover, and it was even a little smaller which made it perfect for the nursery! Sure it had legs and I was looking for a rocking chair, but I figured that wouldn't be a problem AT ALL. Smile A quick search on Google and I discovered that my theory was correct. The Ikea Jennylund Hack has been completed for many nurseries over the past few years! I used the tutorial from Mrs. Wigglebottom to complete the task.
First I got all of my supplies together:
  • Jennylund Chair from Ikea
  • Swivel Rocker bottom (I found mine on eBay for $35 but you can also purchase one here.)
  • a piece of 3/4” MDF (leftover from my never ending breakfast nook project)
  • a piece of 2x4 (also leftover from a project)
  • screws
Then I called Chad, my loving brother in law, to ask him if he could help me cut a piece of plywood. After he and my sister, Beth, got done laughing at me for “making a simple chair complicated,” he agreed to help.
The bottom of our chair was slightly different from Mrs. Wigglebottom’s but the overall concept was still the same.

First we removed the fabric from the bottom of the chair.


Then Chad cut the plywood to fit in the hole.


We added the two pieces of 2x4 so that the slipcover could clear the floor.


Last, but certainly not least, he added the rocker base.


Ta da!!


The chair is everything I imagined and more. I have spent countless hours sitting in the rocker and as I suspected it has become my favorite seat in the house!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ikea Hack: Tarva Dresser Transformed Into a Changing Table

Yesterday I shared my furniture selection for the nursery with you. Today I am going to explain how I transformed the Ikea Tarva 6-drawer dresser into a custom changing table for our nursery.
This dresser was the inspiration for my changing table. I love everything about it, except for the price tag, $899. YIKES! On top of the outrageous price, I wanted white furniture for the nursery so that ruled out the Copley dresser completely.

Franklin and Ben Coply dresser
Coply Double Wide Dresser $899+ tax & shipping
During my search for a cheaper alternative I discovered the Tarva 6-drawer dresser. It is a very simple dresser that can be easily customized to fit any d├ęcor style. I love that it is made out of unfinished solid wood and the dimensions are almost perfect for a changing table. I came up with a game plan on how to make a deeper top and add trim to the drawer fronts to dress it up a bit and then I got to work!

Gender Neutral Nursery changing table baby furniture

The Perfect Crib and Changing Table

I searched for a crib and changing table for months before I found exactly what I wanted. Exactly meaning it was the right shape, style, and dimensions but the wrong color and price. Winking smile

I love the spindles on the crib, the two tone color scheme, and the trim detail on the dresser.

Franklin and Ben Coply 4 in 1 Convertible Crib $599+ tax & shipping
Franklin and Ben Coply dresser
 Coply Double Wide Dresser $899+ tax & shipping
I had my heart set on white furniture for the nursery but I could not find anything that was white that I liked as much as the Copley crib and dresser. I found the crib on sale at Overstock for $539 (without tax and my thrifty husband had a coupon for free shipping) so we decided to go for it and have it painted white and beige.

I love the crib and after seeing the results I am no longer nervous about painting furniture! I felt like the nursery was really coming together once my loving husband and awesome brother assembled the crib.

Gender Neutral Nursery Baby Crib

Gender Neutral Nursery Baby Crib furniture

I loved the Coply dresser but not enough to pay $899 plus tax and shipping so I decided to create my own DIY version using the $149.

Gender Neutral Nursery changing table baby furniture

Check back tomorrow to get the all the details of my Tarva Ikea Hack.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nursery Fabrics

I want to start this post off by stating that I am not an expert seamstress and by "not an expert" I mean I have only used a sewing machine a handful of times and all of them were during my pregnancy.

My sister-in-law, Nicole, enjoys sewing. My husband gave her her first sewing machine over a decade ago and she has been sewing ever since. When I told her that I wanted to make custom curtains for the nursery, she immediately offered to help me. I will forever be grateful for her help; not only did she help me make beautiful curtains for the nursery, but she also helped me concur my fear of sewing machines!!

I don’t have a tutorial for the curtains, crib skirt, or pillow case because I was too focused on not messing them up to take notes or pictures during the process.

We used Kumari Garden, Teja Blue for the curtains and and they are lined with blackout liner from Hobby Lobby. The curtain rod and rings are from Lowes. I used curtain clips to create the illusion of pinch pleat drapes.
KumariGarden Teja

For the crib skirt we used Kumari Garden Sanjay Blue and a solid turquoise fabric as an accent.

KumariGarden Sanjayturquiose    

I used the Sofia fabric ($7.99/yd) from Ikea to create slipcovers for two Ikea Solsta Pallbo stools and also to cover a vinyl shade for a small window in the room. These stools are one of my favorite features in the nursery. They provide extra seating for family and friends and they are also the perfect height for a baby that is learning to stand/walk/play!


Nicole made me two pillow covers out of a graphic fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby. The covers are great because I can wash them whenever needed. The turquoise fleece blanket is from Ikea. They no longer carry it in turquoise, but they have it in different colors and it’s a steal at $3.99. The quilt was a gift from Nana Judy and it matches the color scheme perfectly.


My best friend, Jenn, used Kumari Garden Sashi Blue to make an adorable nightlight and also to mat a picture for the room.

KumariGarden Sashi

The fabric choices were not easy for me but I’m really happy with my final selections.

Nursery Color Scheme

I debated about what colors to use in the nursery for months. I asked for opinions from my friends and family but in the end I just went with my gut.

Over the years I have realized that the easiest way for me to come up with a color pallet for a room is to find coordinating fabrics that I love and use them as a jumping off point. I finalized the color scheme for the nursery after I came across a beautiful fabric collection called Kumari Garden from Dena Fishbein. I absolutely loved the varying shades of turquoise and green and it even had a little purple which made it the PERFECT fit.

For the curtain panels I used Kumari Garden, Teja Blue.

KumariGarden Teja   

For the crib skirt I used Kumari Garden Sanjay Blue and I used a solid turquoise fabric as an accent.

KumariGarden Sanjay      turquiose

I used the  Sofia fabric ($7.99/yd) from Ikea to cover two Ikea stools and also to cover a vinyl shade for a small window in the room.


My best friend, Jenn, used Kumari Garden Sashi Blue to make an adorable nightlight and also to mat a picture for the room.

KumariGarden Sashi

The wall color was by far the hardest color for me to pick for the room. I wanted a color that could easily work for a girl or boy and could easily transition into a “big girl/boy room.” I decided to go with Geyser by Olympic because it has grey, blue, and green undertones and simply because it’s beautiful.


In the beginning no one seemed to think that shades of turquoise, blue, and green could be gender neutral and when the room was completed a lot of people thought I achieved my goal, while others thought it was either too girly or too boyish. As far as the fabrics and accents in the room are concerned, I always planned on adding more green if I had a boy and more purple if I had a girl (there is purple in my inspiration illustrations from the Peter Pan book).  In the end, I think I achieved my goal and found a color pallet that was versatile enough to work for a girl or a boy.

What do you think? What color schemes do you like best for a gender neutral nursery?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Gender Neutral Baby Nursery

I dreamed of the ideal nursery well before I found out I was pregnant. I had my heart set on a whimsical, somewhat vintage, Peter Pan themed nursery for a few years. I knew my husband and I were not going to find out the gender of our baby and I truly believe that the story of  Peter Pan is gender neutral so it was a perfect fit for us.  I mean, can you think of a place other than Netherland where you can find children flying through the sky, having sword fighting adventures, swimming with mermaids, hanging out in tee pees, and where a little pixie dust can cure anything? I definitely can't! It definitely doesn't hurt that Peter Pan's color scheme is full of my favorite color pallet!!


The inspiration for our nursery was a vintage Peter Pan book, written by J.M. Barrie and illustrated by Marjorie Torrey, which I purchased off of  eBay for $19.99. I knew that I wanted to frame a few of the illustrations as cheap artwork for the walls so I used the colors from the illustrations as a jumping off point for the rest of the decor.

Here are a few of the illustrations that inspired the color pallet for the room:

nursery artwork gender neutral nursery          nursery artwork gender neutral
gender neutral nursery artwork teal blue green          gender neutral nursery artwork
I love that the illustrations have a lot of varying hues of green, teal, and purple. I knew that I could easily add a little more purple or green depending on if we had a girl or boy.

I had a very distinct vision for the nursery and a lot of my "vision" turned out to be way out of my budget, so I knew from the beginning that I was going to be completing a lot of DIY projects for the room.

Here is the mood board that I created for our gender neutral nursery:
Whimsical, Vintage Peter Pan inspired nursery

Baby room blue green teal whimsical

Here are some pictures of the nursery in progress (I apologize for the picture quality, these photos were taken pre-blog using my phone):

Gender Neutral Nursery blue and green baby room

Blue and Green Nursery Gender Neutral

 Ikea Hack Blue and Green Nursery baby room

Over the next week I am going to share how I created my version of the perfect gender neutral nursery with you. I will also reveal the nursery as it is today, now that I know the gender and have added some additional gender specific decor.