Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello, world!

Okay, I really mean "hi, mom," but a girl can dream, right?!?!

I have been interested in home d├ęcor my entire life. I can still remember the first time that I was ever WOWED by a home. I was six years old and I had just met one of my childhood best friends. The first time I stepped into her home I was absolutely in awe of all of the stunning rooms. Her mom, Mary, was always busy sprucing up each room to ensure that every last detail was exactly the way she wanted it. I spent many Saturdays watching her make things in her craft room that looked like they should be on display in a very expensive retail store. That's right people, she was "doing it yourself" way before it was cool to "do it yourself!!"  I watched her home go through a lot of design changes throughout the years, but I was always impressed by her design aesthetic. Sadly, they moved when I was a teen so I have not been able to stalk seen her recent design endeavors; but I have no doubt that they are as beautiful as ever!

While Mary may have been the first DIYer to catch my attention, she certainly wasn't the last. From the time I was six until the time I was eighteen I spent most of my spare time building forts complete with artwork on the walls, begging my parents to allow me to paint my bedroom for the 100th time, helping my grandma reupholster couches (DIY style of course), surprising my mom with a completely redecorated bedroom when she arrived home from a weekend away, and constantly saving design inspiration photos for my future home.

Now that I am an adult and a homeowner, there are few things that I love more than working on a DIY project, perusing an antique market, or searching for new design inspiration. While my budget and my "bringing it back to reality" husband occasionally delay on some of my projects, I always find a way to make my vision a reality.

I decided to start a blog to chronicle my projects (both successes and failures) and share my favorite design inspiration with you. Please join me on my adventure of creating a beautiful and functional home.